Foundations is a unique, program that boldly restates the mission and educational philosophy of WELS schools and early childhood programs to the communities in which we serve. This comprehensive suite of materials was developed by the Commission on Lutheran Schools to renew our commitment to Christian education. Its purpose is to help local congregations and schools generate a rich, ongoing conversation between students, parents, and Christian educators that clearly defines the differences between Christian education and other educational models.

Crafted to meet member and non-member parents at their point of need with biblical answers to practical questions, Foundations promises to provide a perspective on their child's years of formal schooling that many parents have never considered.

Downloadable resources

01: History and ObjectivesDownload
02: The ApproachDownload
03: The ToolboxDownload
04: ImplementationDownload
05: Alternate StrategiesDownload
06: Parent-Teacher PartnersDownload
07: Four MessagesDownload
08: What Makes Christian Education So DifferentDownload
09: Law and Gospel in Christian EducationDownload
10: Foundation for Building Christian Character Pt 1Download
11: Foundation for Building Christian Character Pt 2Download
12: Two Kinds of KnowingDownload
13: Spotlight on CommunicationDownload
14: Biblical Work-Rest EthicDownload
15: Little Imitators and AmbassadorsDownload
16: A Message for ParentsDownload
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