Called Worker Profile and Self-Assessment Forms

Called workers should review and update their My WELS Cloud profile and self-assessment forms annually or when life updates have occurred.

My e-mail has changed

If you are unsure if your correct e-mail is on file with our office or you have changed your e-mail please let us know by using the CONTACT US form or send us an e-mail [email protected].

I don’t know my password and/ or username

Contact [email protected] or call 414-259-4357

Your Profile Forms

Called worker profile forms allow you to record and update: contact information, information on family members, professional development you’ve completed, and more.

  • To provide a comment on your ability to deliberate or accept a call due to your ability to relocate or commute, please use the Teacher/Staff Minister Information form.
  • To provide a comment on your ability to deliberate or accept a call due to a special circumstance (for example, medical conditions, family situations….), please use the Special Circumstance form.

Your Self-Assessment

The Self-Assessment is an opportunity for WELS called workers to rate their duties and skills as they apply to the public ministry.

How is the Self-Assessment used?

District presidents and Commission on Lutheran Schools personnel search on assessment criteria when drawing up call lists. They strive to match the needs of calling bodies with the experience, skills and preferences of called workers. Self-Assessment information is also often shared with calling bodies at call meetings.

Do I need to enter a rating for every duty, subject, and grade category?

You do not need to input a ratings for every duty, subject, and grade. It is most important to enter ratings for grades, subjects, and duties that you enjoy teaching most. You may leave grades, subjects, and duties that you do not have strong interest, experience, or training in blank.

Self-Assessment Review

Changes to your Self-Assessment information should be reviewed with a principal, early childhood director, or Board of Education chairman (for principals and directors) before you submit them. Use the e-mail and/or print buttons in the top right to e-mail, save, or print a copy of your Self-Assessment to review.  After review return to the form, enter reviewer’s name, title, and the date. Then select save and submit.

Strengths & Goals Section

If you are interested in completing this section, visit to purchase the assessment. Share the top 5 strengths which are reported in your assessment results. This information can be helpful to those preparing and reviewing call lists. If you have not taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, please leave this section blank. Watch these short videos for information on the benefits of using CliftonStrengths in ministry.


Contact Lutheran Schools for more information.

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