COVID-19 School Resources

As we find ourselves in uncertain times, with news of the spread of COVID-19 changing constantly, you may be wondering what your school should do to reduce risk to your faculty, staff, students, and the communities in which you live and serve.

At this time, we ask you to follow the lead of your local school district. If schools in your district close proactively or because they are directed to close by your state government, your school should close as well.

We’ve included some resources to assist you if you seek to educate your students virtually due to a closure in your area.

Visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for community response recommendations and resources.
Visit U.S. Department of Education information and resources for schools and school personnel.
Wisconsin Schools view latest information from the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools.

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families regarding COVID-19. Information is specific to Wisconsin but, can have implications or application to childcare centers in other states. Consult similar sites in your state for recommendations for your area.
COVID-19 Childcare Resources:
COVID-19 Guidance:

Visit and WELS Tech for additional resources for your church and school.

Collaborate with WELS educators during COVID-19 with this Facebook Group

WELS School Accreditation

WELS School Accreditation (WELSSA) is a process in which the school evaluates its current education practices and seeks sound methods to build on its strengths and determine new ways to grow and strengthen the educational ministry of the school for the benefit of the students and parents to the glory of God.

There are 136 WELS schools currently accredited and 24 schools in candidacy, that is, working through the accreditation process for the first time.

WELSSA is a sanctioned member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

Read more about the WELSSA accreditation process by downloading the documents on this page.

Contact Us
Tom Plitzuweit, WELSSA executive director
Abby Truss, WELSSA support specialist, 414-256-3221

Partner Sites
National Council for Private School Accreditation
Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association
Texas Private School Accreditation Commission
Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation

The Annual School Accreditation Report (ASAR) and School Improvement Plan (SIP) is due June 30. You can download the report directions/template below and pay the report fee at the Purchasing Center beginning March 1.

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Telling the Next Generation Session Resources


To schedule an event or to speak to someone about the program contact your district coordinator or email or

Special Education


Foundations is a unique, program that boldly restates the mission and educational philosophy of WELS schools and early childhood programs to the communities in which we serve. This comprehensive suite of materials was developed by the Commission on Lutheran Schools to renew our commitment to Christian education. Its purpose is to help local congregations and schools generate a rich, ongoing conversation between students, parents, and Christian educators that clearly defines the differences between Christian education and other educational models.

Crafted to meet member and non-member parents at their point of need with biblical answers to practical questions, Foundations promises to provide a perspective on their child’s years of formal schooling that many parents have never considered.

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