Theology Curriculum

The Theology Curriculum task force began it’s work in 2023 with an aim to create the next curriculum for infants through grade 12 to instruct our students in the study of God’s word.

Motivated by Christ’s love for us and rooted in the true, inerrant, and inspired Word of God, the WELS Lutheran Theology Curriculum strives to develop…

Humble Christians

who recognize their sin, rely on God’s forgiveness in Christ, and live in gospel freedom and peace.

Thankful Children

of God who delight in communing with God through corporate worship as well as personal devotion and prayer.

Lifelong Learners

who grow in their historical and doctrinal knowledge of God’s Word.

Discerning Disciples

who practice and apply God’s law and gospel faithfully in all areas of their life.


who live to glorify God and love their neighbors by giving generously of their unique gifts and talents in the family, church, workplace, and community.

Confident Witnesses

who are able to clearly, logically, and passionately defend and communicate the hope they have in Jesus to an unbelieving world.


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