2018 School Statistics

2018 school statistics submissions are closed.

To view past statistical information from your school, find your school in the online Yearbook and select “View Statistics.”

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2018 School Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new on School Statistics for 2019?

All fields are required. Please enter zero if needed.

Special needs questions have changed.

Grid sections:

  • Add: Select the plus icon to add a new row.
  • Delete: Highlight a cell and select the trash icon.
  • Save: The red triangle in the left corner of the cell indicates that your entry is not saved. Select the  icon on the grid toolbar or the Save button on the top of this form to save your entry.
  • Cancel: The  icon will remove all unsaved entries.

Submitter information: you’ll be asked to share a name and contact e-mail for the person submitting the form. This person will receive a confirmation e-mail after submission.

Where do I enter Kindergarten statistics?

Kindergarten statistics should be entered on the LES form unless you have a stand-alone early childhood ministry.

How do I submit for all school locations?

A new feature this year is the ability to submit each school type (e.g., LES and ECM) separate from each other.

In Step 2 on the Welcome page there is a status column, which will display the status of each form.

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Submitted

Can I print before submitting?

After searching for your school you may print from the welcome screen.

After you have opened your form you may print at any time from the upper right hand blue print button

You may also print your completed form after you’ve submitted it. Please keep a record for your files.

How do I search for my school?

There is a help icon next to Step 1, which provides search tips. Start by entering school name as it appears in the online Yearbook, city, or Zip code. A list of schools will display. Select your school, which will then display in Step 2.

Can I save the form and come back later?

Yes, there is a Save button located in the upper right corner of the form. A green Save Successful message will display after saving.

When can I print my statistics?

Your school statistics can be printed from the Welcome page by selecting the print icon in the grid OR from the Print button in the upper right corner of the form.

You can print at any time during the form process:

  1. Before submission. Use the blank copy of the form to use as a worksheet.
  2. During submission.
  3. After submission.
  4. Thank You page.
  5. Confirmation e-mail.

Where is the School Information form?

The School Information form is located at cloud.wels.net/me and requires a school username and password to login.

Early Childhood Ministry Directors and Principals can also login with their @wels.net username and password to access the School Information form.

Additional login help is found on cloud.wels.net/me.